1. Protecting your privacy is a basic policy of iOneCloud.
2. iOneCloud respects the privacy of your confidential information and shall keep your confidential information in strict confidence according to law. iOneCloud shall not, without your permission, disclose or share any valid identity information contained in your registration data to or with any third party except for its affiliated companies. You shall understand and agree that iOneCloud can use your registration data in internal business analysis and researches and share it with its affiliated companies for purposes of improving products or providing services to you. Beyond that, iOneCloud shall not disclose to a third party or authorize a third party to use your confidential information, except:
2.1 Information required to be provided by the relevant laws or regulations;
2.2 Information required to be provided by administrative organs or judicial organs in line with their authorities;
2.3 Information to be provided by iOneCloud to a third party with your consent;
2.4 Information to be provided by iOneCloud so as to take measures to prevent you from violating laws and regulations;
2.5 Information to be provided by iOneCloud when it takes legal action or applies for arbitration against you to protect its legitimate rights and obligations;
2.6 Information must be provided to third parties for the purpose of providing relevant services to you; and
2.7 Information to be provided to external attorneys, accountants, or third-party consultants who have signed non-disclosure agreements so as to meet the reasonable business requirements of iOneCloud.
3. iOneCloud shall not view, use, or distribute to other parties your contents without your authorization. You shall agree and acknowledge that iOneCloud may migrate or maintain your contents based on operation and maintenance requirements during its provision of cloud service products and relevant services. You shall acknowledge and agree that the aforesaid migration and maintenance of your contents and any data involved therein (including personal data) are necessary for iOneCloud to provide you with cloud service products and relevant services, and shall not constitute any infringement on your privacy and confidential information. You shall explicitly agree and authorize iOneCloud to migrate and maintain the content of any of your partners and any data involved therein (including personal data) as of the date of execution hereof for the purpose of providing cloud service products and relevant services to you during the term of this agreement, provided that iOneCloud has observed its obligation of non-disclosure and has taken appropriate protective measures. You shall also ensure that the aforesaid authorization has obtained all necessary consents, permits, and approvals and complies with all applicable laws and regulations. You shall understand and acknowledge that iOneCloud and its products cannot provide absolute security to your information, although it has used its best efforts and due diligence to protect your information privacy.